Digital Imaging made easy.

SOREDEX offers a full portfolio of cutting-edge intraoral imaging products that meet the needs of any dental practice. All SOREDEX intraoral products are easy to use and offer superb, repeatable clinical results. SOREDEX has more than 30 years of expertise in the dental imaging business.

Digora Classic

The DIGORA® Optime intraoral Digital Imaging System is designed to make work in the dental office easier and more efficient. The DIGORA® Optime is small, easy to use and fast to operate. Together with DIGORA® for Windows dental imaging software, it will increase image processing speed and workflow efficiency.

Digora Optime Deluxe

The New DIGORA® Optime introduces top of the line innovations and technologies while preserving the traditional DIGORA® benefits.

Digora PCT

The DIGORA® PCT produces high quality digital panoramic, cephalometric and tomographic images. The system can handle the most common cassette sizes used in dental radiology.


The MINRAY® intraoral x-ray unit is an advanced DC intraoral unit that includes a unique range of features and options that put it in a class of its own. The extendable and infinitely adjustable Minray arm gives you positioning freedom! You don’t need to decide the arm length when you purchase the unit.


As other SOREDEX products, the DIGORA® Toto is easy to use and provides excellent clinical results. With the DIGORA® Toto you cannot go wrong.


DIGORA® Vidi is your best choice intraoral camera.


Cranex 3+ and 3+ Ceph

The EXCEL is a classic analogue panoramic x-ray unit with a number of imaging programs that allow a wide range of diagnostic tasks to be carried out.  It is also available with a permanently aligned cephalometric tube which requires no operator intervention in the changeover to cephalometric imaging. Two x-ray tubes will last longer than one. This increases the reliability and lifetime of the unit. Smooth functions of the head support elements are comfortable for the patient.

CranexD and CranexD Ceph

 The CRANEX® D  is a direct digital unit with the option of a cephalometer. The whole concept is designed to quickly and easily fulfill your needs whether they are ease of use, superb image quality, functionality or flexibility.

Cranex 3D and Cranex 3D Ceph

The Cranex 3D can be purchased as a 2D unit (which can be upgraded later to 3D) or as a 3D unit.  There is an optional cephalometer.   Two FOV's are standard, 4.1cm diameter by 6 cm high and 7.8cm diameter by 6cm high.  This unit uses advances CMOS sensors.  There is a dedicated panoramic sensor to acquire the OPG image, the lower resolution 3D sensor is not used for this view. 

Scanora 3D




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